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August 22, 2013


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Something I realized about 'Hide and Seek' and tag

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 22, 2013, 2:40 AM
怒ってるかい~? おまえ~?

Okay so for my story Hide and Seek Hide and Seek
“Hooray! It’s the weekend!” A little boy cried as he ran out the front doors of his small elementary school. The bell marking the end of school had just rung; and the children were walking, although most were running, out of the school. Many of them eagerly started home to their parents, but a few stayed behind to chat with their friends.
A small group of children gathered to speak to one another about their weekend plans. There were about five of them, and they were all in the same class together. In the third grade, their lives were carefree and happy; the only burden being homework or chores.
“What should we play?” A little boy, his name was Jimmy, asked his friends. “I don’t have to be back home until five or so.”
“How about tag? Tag is fun!” Another boy responded.
“Nah, that’s a stupid idea Billy!” A girl said to the boy, “We played that yesterday!” She made a noise that suggested that playin
(YES, I KNOW THAT STORY WAS SUBMITTED LIKE A FEW MONTHS AGO BUT I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT RECENTLY; DEAL WITH IT.) Some people were wondering why children were walking home alone and unsupervised.

When I saw these comments first I thought it was just bad story writing on my part and I made a mistake by not thoroughly thinking that through. But now I realized that no, it wasn't me not thinking it through. It's because where I live there is a very low crime rate and people are very friendly, whereas in America there's a higher crime rate so children aren't allowed to walk home alone if they're young. Well, in my neighborhood, as I've said, there's a very low crime rate and I guess people trust each other, and kids are allowed to walk home unsupervised. Sometimes when I'm walking to/from school I see itty bitty toddlers walking home/to school XD

So yeah, the reason why the children were walking home alone was because I'm not familiar with American lifestyles too much and things like that, so it was pretty much based on my experiences for that part. I'm guessing other parts of my stories have also been influenced by my irl experiences that won't match up to American lifestyles .-.
For example, I find it weird that Americans wear shoes inside the house. I guess it's just Japanese to be barefoot, but I don't think I'd be able to handle having shoes on inside the house XD

Anywho, was tagged:

1)Do you like soap operas/novelas?

Not sure :/ depends on the show itself I guess.

2)Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

Yes. Many many many many many times.

3)If so, what was the joke?
If not, what's the strangest thing you've done from laughing too hard?

Hmm, can't quite remember. But it could have been something along the lines of 'THANK OLD NAVY, THE JOHN LEMONS IN THE BARN ARE 20% OFF; AMAZING SALE GOES ALL NIGHT TO GET LUCKY' inside jokes. inside jokes everywhere.
But I think it was something else.

4)Would you like to air piano?

-starts doing Ghosts N Stuff motion- NA, NA NA, NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- :iconheadmau5plz:

5)What fandom do you think you are the most into?


No more sauce now!
I paid for yummy steaks!


7)What song are the following lyrics from?
MusicPuedo levantarte
Te puedo mostrar lo que quieres ver
y te llevará a donde quieres estarMusic
Hint: it sounds better in English

'MusicPuedo levantarte
Te puedo mostrar lo que quieres ver
y te llevará a donde quieres estarMusic

yes I did just do that

9)When was the last time you used crayons?

I used the crayon brush on Sai, but other than that, can't remember. Am not fond of crayons at all. Too messy. I guess if you have skills you may be able to do it right. And everybody will be dancing and be feelin' it right. And everybody will be dancing and be doin it right. Everybody will be dancing and be feeling alright. Everybody will be dancing and till we're DOIN' IT RIGHT. -headbangs with my icon-

10)Is it safe to come out yet?

Possibly. Or is Zehnder still ma-OH LORD ZALGO RUN FOR COVER!

Also, I was thinking about making a DA account for Kage; you know, when where it's pretending to actually be him (I know what you might be thinking, but I only hate the accounts that do this that go NU, YOU'RE WRONG, I'M THE REAL -insert fictional character name here- I HAVE PROOF! -insert bullsh-t evidence here- and then go to every picture with that character and say something like NU, YOU'RE WRONG, IT WENT LIKE THIS -explanation that's more dignifying to the character-). Mostly because I need rp practice because I still think I'm bad at rping .-. So I think it would help. It would also be fuuuun :3 (also I could finally get on the chat as Kage without being drunk XD)

So tell me what'chya think about that. ALSO, the name Kagekao is taken so I need to think of something else. I was thinking 'KageKao-Sama'


ああ~ おまえ 怒ってるだよ! ケケケ~!
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ProxyModel Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Where is this magical chatroom of which you speak madam??
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
there's a link to it on my profile :3
IzzyLuvsYou22 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kids from where I am from walk to and from school... but we have a pretty bad crime rate, and it's only getting worse. The parents don't really care and they let their kids do whatever, resulting in bad things happening to the kids and the parents in turn wondering how something like that could ever happen. It's quite ridiculous.
Anthum Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Student General Artist
I normally take my shoes off once I get to my room or the front door, and always at peoples homes. (<-  I feel very rude if I don't, also I hate getting outside on my stuff) I like the way the ground is, textures and such, I might wear socks to bed if my feet are cold though.
Psychotic-Love Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you watch anime? I just suddenly got curious cuz I'm weird.
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
I watched a few, watched half of Ao No Exorcist on the television, watched this other one that I can't quite remember the title of, and going to watch Soul Eater once I finish the manga
Psychotic-Love Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hardly ever finish the anime I'm watching... :icononionfailplz:
AutisticArtHC Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very friendly? Low crime rate? I thought you lived in Japan, not Canada.
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
XD I live in the ryukyu islands, much smaller and friendlier than mainland Japan. Maybe we're the Canada of Japan XD 
TheShadowLady Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
At my house we usually go walk around barefoot, unless it's winter. Yeah, I couldn't imagine walking around the house with shoes on, it sounds uncomfortable:/
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