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July 12, 2013
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[4:35:06 PM] GingaAkam: does anyone know a joseph.df2?
[4:35:12 PM] GummyDragon: I don't
[4:35:15 PM] Killer Smiledog: No.
[4:35:19 PM] Zacharie: I don't either
[4:35:20 PM] Firehunt: Uh..No.
[4:35:29 PM] GingaAkam: okay then I am officially freaked out
[4:35:34 PM] Firehunt: :(
[4:35:38 PM] Killer Smiledog: Where you find him/her
[4:35:42 PM] GingaAkam: 'cause I thought it might be a joke at first or something
[4:35:47 PM] GingaAkam: -hides in corner-
[4:35:49 PM] GummyDragon: whaaaaat happened
[4:35:50 PM] GummyDragon: oh god
[4:35:51 PM] GingaAkam: got this contact request
[4:35:59 PM] GingaAkam: by this dude here whom I don't know
[4:35:59 PM] Killer Smiledog: *hugs* it's pk... decline...
[4:36:03 PM] GingaAkam: with the message:
[4:36:04 PM] Killer Smiledog: ok*
[4:36:43 PM] GingaAkam: "Hello pretty . . . i know you don't know me but with time i believe we can know each other more better if you don't mind"
[4:36:49 PM] GummyDragon: GINGA
[4:36:51 PM] GummyDragon: YOU DID NOT
[4:36:52 PM] GingaAkam: IM SCARED
[4:36:53 PM] Zacharie: omg
[4:36:56 PM] Killer Smiledog: O_O
[4:36:58 PM] Firehunt: NO
[4:37:00 PM] Firehunt: GINGA
[4:37:04 PM] Firehunt: DAT BAD
[4:37:07 PM] Killer Smiledog: WTH DECLINE DECLINE DICLINE
[4:37:08 PM] Firehunt: STAY AWAAAAAAAAAY
[4:37:08 PM] GummyDragon: OUT OF THE CONTACTS NOW
[4:37:13 PM] Zacharie: DELETE
[4:37:16 PM] Zacharie: DELEEEEEETE
[4:37:16 PM] GummyDragon: WHOLEY CHEDDER
[4:37:20 PM] Zacharie: CREEPER ALERT
[4:37:26 PM] Zacharie: CALL IN THE SQUADS
[4:37:27 PM] GingaAkam: I literally feel sick to my stomach
[4:37:35 PM] GingaAkam: I did not know that was possible from just words
[4:37:42 PM] GummyDragon: No, no it's okay ginga. **hugs**
[4:37:45 PM] Killer Smiledog: *hugs ginga*
[4:37:49 PM] GummyDragon: They can't get you just from your skype
[4:37:49 PM] GingaAkam: was kinda hoping it was a joke by someone o_o
[4:37:54 PM] Zacharie: Just decline and block them.
[4:38:00 PM] GingaAkam: yes I did
[4:38:02 PM] GummyDragon: you have to be stupid enough to like, talk to them a bunch
[4:38:15 PM] GummyDragon: you're fine.
[4:38:19 PM] GingaAkam: good
[4:38:33 PM] GingaAkam: freaked out though; the only thing playing in my mind was I NEED AN ADULT.
[4:38:44 PM] GummyDragon: well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to tell somone
[4:38:58 PM] GummyDragon: besides us of course. someone who sees you everyday
[4:39:07 PM] GingaAkam: I wonder though; how creepers choose who to creep
[4:39:10 PM] GingaAkam: I don't get it
[4:39:32 PM] GummyDragon: I don't know. Probably random. they may choose based of popularity
[4:39:34 PM] Killer Smiledog: They look you up .-.
[4:39:56 PM] GummyDragon: like those spams on dA. the ones in the comments? they mean nothing as long as you don't click on them
[4:40:24 PM] GingaAkam: yeah; the spam storm has been pretty bad recently
[4:40:29 PM] GummyDragon: people can give you spam and viruses and creepy emails all day and nothing will happen unless you take the bait
[4:40:37 PM] GingaAkam: added soooo many of them to my block list I don't really get them anymore
[4:41:12 PM] GummyDragon: rly? they're all over youtube too. It's been such a big problem I do'nt know why the sites haven't tried to take care of it.
[4:41:30 PM] Killer Smiledog: Because they dont care
[4:41:45 PM] GingaAkam: I think it's harder for them; because the spammers don't make accoutns they just hack accounts
[4:41:50 PM] GingaAkam: and they're bots, so yeah
[4:42:14 PM] Zacharie: The bots used to create new accounts just to spam, but recently, they've been hacking.
[4:42:21 PM] GummyDragon: true, they can't prevent it by treating the symptoms. But how about tracking down who's sending out the bots?
[4:42:37 PM] GingaAkam: I wonder if that would be difficult
[4:42:43 PM] GummyDragon: Probably. It's the internet.
[4:42:53 PM] GummyDragon: By the way firewa's busy but she wants me to hug you for her **Hugs**
[4:43:00 PM] GingaAkam: awww -hugs-
[4:43:29 PM] Killer Smiledog: Hey ginga guess what
[4:43:32 PM] GingaAkam: hmm?
[4:43:49 PM] Killer Smiledog: I love that "Trendy does not whine, he complains" xD
[4:43:54 PM] GingaAkam: XD awesome
[4:44:07 PM] GingaAkam: Rarity fits him
[4:44:18 PM] Killer Smiledog: and the pewdiepie house thing
[4:44:20 PM] Zacharie: I just remembered. The group Fighting Gravity didn't win america's got talent. I officially hate that show now. I must go flip a table.
[4:44:24 PM] GingaAkam: I could imagine him singing some sort of parodied version of 'The pony everypony should know'
[4:44:46 PM] GingaAkam: huh, never seen that show before; looks interesting though
[4:45:23 PM] Zacharie: it's pretty funny, some of the auditions are hilarious. but the show is pretty unfair, in my opinion.
[4:46:23 PM] Killer Smiledog: (ninja)(ninja) I'm danceing... AT NIIIIIIGHT
[4:47:06 PM] GingaAkam: y'know, sometimes I just want to troll the hell out of these creepers
[4:47:20 PM] Michelle: Almost... Done.... WITH THIS DRAWING
[4:47:26 PM] GingaAkam: like, they're all, 'Soo~ how old are you?' and I'm all '57.'
[4:47:31 PM] GummyDragon: Pfffft
[4:47:44 PM] GummyDragon: that would be awesome if it wouldn't be so scary
[4:47:50 PM] GingaAkam: XD true
[4:48:01 PM] GummyDragon: 'cause you know
[4:48:07 PM] GummyDragon: creepers they uh
[4:48:09 PM] Michelle: i feel like a perverted little douchebag :3
[4:48:11 PM] GummyDragon: yes
[4:48:35 PM] GingaAkam: this is the second time I was contacted by a creeper
[4:48:43 PM] GingaAkam: the first time was just weeiiirrrrddddd
[4:48:49 PM] Michelle: tell us
[4:48:54 PM] Michelle: annnaannnaooooooo
[4:49:12 PM] GingaAkam: mind you this was right after I added a bunch of people on DA so I was still getting to know who was who
[4:49:22 PM] GummyDragon: **listens**
[4:49:23 PM] Killer Smiledog:… xD
[4:49:28 PM] Michelle: uhuh...
[4:49:35 PM] GingaAkam: and someone wanted to video call me; I at the time had no webcam or mic so I couldn't say to do anything but chat
[4:49:41 PM] Michelle: owo
[4:49:42 PM] Michelle: wow
[4:50:03 PM] GingaAkam: so I accept 'cause I don't want to be rude, and theres this guy there, kinda looks like he's in an office or something; but he looks normal and stuff
[4:50:13 PM] GingaAkam: so I say 'hello' and he's all 'hello'
[4:50:19 PM] Michelle: lol
[4:50:22 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'do I know you?'
[4:50:28 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'no'
[4:50:34 PM] GummyDragon: ginga dear you are too nice for your own good sometimes
[4:50:43 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'do you know me from DA or youtube?'
[4:50:47 PM] GingaAkam: yes I know.
[4:50:53 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'no'
[4:51:05 PM] Michelle: And right now I'm like o.o
[4:51:11 PM] GingaAkam: So I'm like 'who are you then?' and he gives me his full name, age, and location
[4:51:22 PM] GingaAkam: and then he asks me what my name and age is
[4:51:29 PM] GingaAkam: so I'm like 'why?'
[4:51:34 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'I want to know'
[4:51:37 PM] Michelle: lol wat
[4:51:40 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'why?'
[4:51:46 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'I want to know'
[4:51:53 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'who ARE you?'
[4:51:53 PM] Michelle: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
[4:52:02 PM] GingaAkam: and then he gives me his full name, age, and location again
[4:52:05 PM] Zacharie: 'I'm the voice in your head'
[4:52:10 PM] Michelle: lol
[4:52:15 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'okay, but WHO are YOU!?'
[4:52:27 PM] GingaAkam: and again he gives me his full name, age, and location but in all caps
[4:52:30 PM] Michelle: Wow, he must be retarded.
[4:52:37 PM] GingaAkam: and he asks me again what my name/age is
[4:52:42 PM] GingaAkam: and I say 'why?'
[4:52:50 PM] Michelle: xDD
[4:52:50 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'I want to know'
[4:52:54 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'why?'
[4:52:58 PM] Michelle: Omg Ginga. xD
[4:52:59 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'please tell me'
[4:53:09 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'not until you give me a good reason'
[4:53:18 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'please tell me'
[4:53:24 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'WHY'
[4:53:31 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'PLEASE TELL ME'
[4:53:34 PM] Michelle: Wait, how old were he? o-o
[4:53:41 PM] GingaAkam: he was like 32 or something
[4:53:45 PM] Michelle: o-o
[4:53:47 PM] Zacharie: omg
[4:53:49 PM] Michelle: well yeah.
[4:53:52 PM] Killer Smiledog: daieum O-O
[4:53:54 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like '. . . I don't mean to be rude but I have things to do'
[4:54:01 PM] GingaAkam: and he's like 'please tell me'
[4:54:04 PM] Michelle: and then he's like please tell me.
[4:54:05 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like 'bye'
[4:54:09 PM] Michelle: lol
[4:54:12 PM] GingaAkam: and he's all -sad face-
[4:54:15 PM] Michelle: LOL
[4:54:18 PM] GingaAkam: and then I leave and be creeped out
[4:54:22 PM] Michelle: wow
[4:54:26 PM] GingaAkam: it was weird
[4:54:32 PM] Michelle: ahahahah D:
[4:54:34 PM] GingaAkam: and oddly funny now that I look back at it
[4:54:52 PM] GummyDragon: ...ginga-la, wholey chedder. creepy people on the internet. o-o
[4:54:55 PM] GingaAkam: and then a few days after that he tried ot video call me again
[4:55:01 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like o_o
[4:55:04 PM] GingaAkam: DENIED.
[4:55:06 PM] Michelle: WOW
[4:55:10 PM] GingaAkam: And I never heard from him again.
[4:55:14 PM] GingaAkam: -happy face-
[4:55:18 PM] Michelle: REJECTED lol
[4:55:30 PM] Michelle: if we can put it in that way
[4:55:33 PM] GummyDragon: PLOT TWIST it's the guy that just messaged you again back from the grave
[4:55:43 PM] Zacharie: DUN DUN DUN
[4:55:44 PM] GingaAkam: XD are you saying I killed him?
[4:55:50 PM] Michelle: LOOOOOL
[4:55:51 PM] GummyDragon: maaaaybe
[4:56:00 PM] GingaAkam: I denied him so bad he died
[4:56:02 PM] Michelle: YES
[4:56:03 PM] GingaAkam: LIKE A BOSS
[4:56:04 PM] Michelle: LOLL
[4:56:05 PM] Michelle: OMG
[4:56:08 PM] GummyDragon: HE WAS THAT HEARTBROKE
[4:56:09 PM] Michelle: I CANT BREATHE
[4:56:13 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[4:56:21 PM] Michelle: THIS MADE MY MORNING
[4:56:26 PM] GingaAkam: XD that's good
[4:56:27 PM] Zacharie: HE WAS NOT UP TO GET LUCKY
[4:56:33 PM] Michelle: AHMYGOD
[4:56:33 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[4:56:34 PM] GummyDragon: OKAY
[4:56:35 PM] Michelle: TEARS RUNNING DOWN
[4:56:36 PM] GummyDragon: I AM DEAD
[4:56:39 PM] Michelle: IM DONE
[4:56:40 PM] GummyDragon: CRYING
[4:56:45 PM] Michelle: IM SO DONE
[4:56:49 PM] GummyDragon: GONNA WAKE MY BROTHER
[4:56:54 PM] Zacharie: WAS THAT TOO BAD OF A JOKE?
[4:56:56 PM] GummyDragon: YOU WIN ALL THE COOKIES
[4:56:58 PM] GummyDragon: ALL OF THEM
[4:56:59 PM] Michelle: OMG
[4:57:00 PM] Michelle: I CANT
[4:57:02 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[4:57:15 PM] GummyDragon: ohhh god I need to go to bed
[4:57:15 PM] Michelle: I CANT BREATHE GOD DAMN IT
[4:57:30 PM] Michelle: OK
[4:57:35 PM] GummyDragon: I haven't slept in thirty six hours
[4:57:35 PM] Michelle: i think im okay now
[4:57:40 PM] GummyDragon: give or take
[4:57:41 PM] GingaAkam: oh daymn
[4:57:46 PM] Michelle: damn
[4:57:47 PM] GingaAkam: I've never done that before XD
[4:57:50 PM] GingaAkam: want to though
[4:57:53 PM] GummyDragon: And I've been roleplaying thorugh ALL OF IT
[4:58:03 PM] Michelle: im going to do that one day...
[4:58:04 PM] Michelle: hue
[4:58:07 PM] Michelle: like
[4:58:17 PM] Michelle: owo
[4:58:18 PM] Michelle: wow
[4:58:29 PM] GummyDragon: Yeah then Jeff went crazy
[4:58:33 PM] GummyDragon: and now he's trying to kill me
[4:58:40 PM] GummyDragon: and then he's like wait damn it I don't want to kill you
[4:58:51 PM] GummyDragon: and now I'm waiting for her to respond again
[4:58:52 PM] Michelle: [2:56 AM] Zacharie: <<< HE WAS NOT UP TO GET LUCKY
[4:58:57 PM] Michelle: crying again
[4:58:59 PM] Michelle: X'DDD
[4:59:00 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[4:59:09 PM] Michelle: HAHHAHAHHAHAHA
[4:59:10 PM] Michelle: AHAAHA
[4:59:14 PM] GingaAkam: have a sudden urge to save this and put it on DA
[4:59:18 PM] Michelle: OMG DO ETTTT
[4:59:20 PM] GummyDragon: ...omg do it
[4:59:25 PM] Michelle: owo
[4:59:27 PM] GingaAkam: make everyone else cry from laughter as well
[4:59:30 PM] GingaAkam: MUAHAHAHHA
[4:59:32 PM] GummyDragon: YUSH
[4:59:34 PM] Michelle: stop
[4:59:37 PM] Zacharie: I didn't think that would kill you all xD
[4:59:43 PM] Michelle: satan that's enough
[4:59:53 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[5:00:06 PM] GummyDragon: I haven't heard a better daft punk joke since the nocturnal breeders thing!
[5:00:22 PM] GummyDragon: or maybe I'm just night drunk out of my mind
[5:00:30 PM] GingaAkam: Just imagine Zach saying 'He was not up' -puts on sunglasses- 'to get lucky'
[5:00:36 PM] Zacharie: omg
[5:00:36 PM] Michelle: stop
[5:00:36 PM] GummyDragon: ...yesssss
[5:00:37 PM] Michelle: omg
[5:00:37 PM] GingaAkam: night drunk maybe
[5:00:39 PM] Michelle: xDDDDDDDDDDD
[5:01:00 PM] GummyDragon: welll I have a headache that goes with me being SUPER DUPER night drunk
[5:01:14 PM] Michelle: headache
[5:01:15 PM] GummyDragon: and I'm laughing at just about everything, even the dramatic roleplay
[5:01:22 PM] GummyDragon: and my cereal
[5:01:25 PM] GingaAkam: I know that feels XD
[5:01:31 PM] GummyDragon: it did backflips and I wouldn't stop laughing for five minutes
[5:01:34 PM] Michelle: what if i told you guys that i can die if i have a very strong headache?
[5:01:35 PM] Zacharie: go home Gummy, you're drunk.
[5:01:44 PM] Zacharie: wat
[5:01:46 PM] GummyDragon: correction, night drunk
[5:01:51 PM] Michelle: lol ikr
[5:01:53 PM] GummyDragon: cloooseeee enough
[5:02:03 PM] Zacharie: Michelle that's cray
[5:02:07 PM] Michelle: yesh
[5:02:31 PM] Michelle: damn Stroke
[5:02:34 PM] GummyDragon: m'kay it's been an hour since I last posted TIME TO GO BUG FIREWA AGAIN
[5:02:52 PM] Firehunt: Pooooooosted~
[5:02:55 PM] Firehunt: [:
[5:02:59 PM] GummyDragon: oh HAI
[5:03:03 PM] Firehunt: Hai~
[5:03:07 PM] GummyDragon: i love youuu
[5:03:11 PM] Michelle: *Deep inhale* haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii
[5:03:18 PM | Edited 5:03:22 PM] Firehunt: *listening to good song, dun wanna stop it*
[5:03:32 PM] Firehunt: wuv u too~
[5:03:39 PM] GummyDragon: ohhhkaaay dun stop your music
[5:03:42 PM] GummyDragon: i gotta
[5:03:45 PM] GummyDragon: play get lucky now
[5:03:49 PM] GummyDragon: because REAOSNS
[5:03:54 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[5:03:56 PM] Zacharie: xD
[5:04:04 PM] Firehunt: XD
[5:04:07 PM] Michelle: STOP OMG GUMMY
[5:04:13 PM] GummyDragon: N AS I SY TAHT
[5:04:19 PM] Michelle: CRYING AGAIN XDDDD
[5:04:20 PM] Michelle: omg
[5:04:22 PM] Zacharie: I am going to reuse this joke forever.
[5:04:27 PM] GummyDragon: I CANNOT STOP THAT SONG
[5:04:28 PM] GingaAkam: XD do it
[5:04:30 PM] GummyDragon: IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT
[5:04:30 PM] Zacharie: find every purpose for it, ever
[5:04:31 PM] Michelle: [2:59 AM] Michelle:

[5:04:36 PM] Michelle: - by zach
[5:04:38 PM] GummyDragon: DYING
[5:04:38 PM] Firehunt: It's the best joke since ever~
[5:04:39 PM] GummyDragon: AGIAN
[5:04:42 PM] GingaAkam: XD now I'm the one telling you to 'do it' XD
[5:04:50 PM] Michelle: dying
[5:04:52 PM] Michelle: cant
[5:04:54 PM] GummyDragon: ohhh change of rooolleessss
[5:04:59 PM] GummyDragon: mah face hurts
[5:05:03 PM] GummyDragon: frm the laughin
[5:05:07 PM] GingaAkam: mine does as well XD
[5:05:14 PM] GummyDragon: gooooood
[5:05:18 PM] Michelle: *throws cacti in everyones face*
[5:05:19 PM] Michelle: :3
[5:05:21 PM] GummyDragon: something creepy turn into somthi fun
[5:05:44 PM] GingaAkam: oh it was funny, last night I was plaing that game 'cards against humanity' with Josh Blind and Rei
[5:05:53 PM] GummyDragon: ehya?
[5:05:56 PM] GingaAkam: and I was a noob 'cause it was my first time
[5:06:02 PM] Firehunt: Firehunt sits in the back, just laughing psychotically to herself~
[5:06:13 PM] GummyDragon: GummyDragon glomps firhwa
[5:06:18 PM] GingaAkam: so I asked Josh if I did it right and he said 'yeah youre god'
[5:06:27 PM] GingaAkam: and I'm like YAAAAY IM GOD
[5:06:27 PM] GummyDragon: god
[5:06:32 PM] GummyDragon: ginga is god
[5:06:33 PM] Firehunt: Firehunt wonders who firhwa is
[5:06:38 PM] Zacharie: all of us have to play that game sometime
[5:06:45 PM] Michelle: ALL OF US
[5:06:46 PM] GingaAkam: yes it's so hilarious XD
[5:06:48 PM] GummyDragon: GummyDragon says shus he yping is going out the wndow
[5:06:57 PM] Firehunt: Firehunt says okay.
[5:07:05 PM] GingaAkam: one of the questions 'If you understand ____ then you control the world'
[5:07:08 PM] Zacharie: I've seen Cry play it on his livestreams. It was amazing.
[5:07:11 PM] GummyDragon: NOT ME UNLESS I'M ROLPLAYIN
[5:07:11 PM] Michelle: :insertlazycryicon:
[5:07:17 PM] GingaAkam: I put 'The female orgasm''
[5:07:22 PM] GingaAkam: Blind bowed to me.
[5:07:24 PM] Michelle: OMG
[5:07:26 PM] Zacharie: dsahgafsdhdjtat
[5:07:27 PM] GummyDragon: pffftttt
[5:07:28 PM] Zacharie: //dead
[5:07:32 PM] Michelle: THE FEMALE ORGASM
[5:07:34 PM] Zacharie: wow
[5:07:36 PM] Michelle: why
[5:07:37 PM] GummyDragon: ohkayohkayohkay
[5:07:41 PM] GummyDragon: igottagooverthere
[5:07:45 PM] GummyDragon: andcalmdown
[5:07:51 PM] Michelle: :insertmegustaface:
[5:07:54 PM] Zacharie: *flies away* so done.
[5:07:57 PM] GingaAkam: XD it makes sense
[5:08:00 PM] GingaAkam: it doooooes
[5:08:03 PM] GummyDragon: A;LKDHGADLKG FACE TO FACE
(. . .)
[5:11:24 PM] GingaAkam: you what's random but interesting
[5:11:29 PM] Zacharie: what?
[5:11:32 PM] GingaAkam: I started thinking up Kagekao's design
[5:11:38 PM] GingaAkam: on the day the world was supposed to end
[5:11:48 PM] GingaAkam: The mayans predicted Kage
[5:11:56 PM] Zacharie: gasp
[5:12:03 PM] Zacharie: IT MAKES SENSE
[5:12:21 PM] Michelle: wow
[5:12:34 PM] Firehunt: Ginga.
[5:12:39 PM] Firehunt: You're amazing.
[5:12:41 PM] GummyDragon: DYING
[5:12:41 PM] GingaAkam: XD
[5:12:48 PM] Zacharie: soda just went down the wrong pipe. afSAHFRHSDJH
[5:12:52 PM] Zacharie: dying
[5:13:04 PM] Michelle: ahcaha
[5:13:04 PM] Michelle: wat
[5:13:53 PM] GingaAkam: so putting this on DA -grabs it and runs away-
[5:14:02 PM] Zacharie: RUN GINGA, RUN
[5:14:07 PM] Michelle: ginga for godness sake
[5:14:12 PM] Zacharie: SHH
[5:14:14 PM] Zacharie: SHE IS GOD
[5:14:16 PM] Zacharie: CANON
[5:14:22 PM] Zacharie: IT IS NOW CANON
Yeah . . . this conversation . . . my face hurts from laughing.

And yeah, contacted by a creeper . . . it was scary . . . -grabs Kage- SAVE MEEEEEE

But then everything just turned hilarious; so yeah XD Funnies.

He was not up to get lucky. -dies-
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BeastMaster-Sarah Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Next time say "Here's my number 212-660-2245"
It's the rejection hotline number XD.
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Professional General Artist
XD that's beautiful
darkvaatigirl Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
XD Oh my gosh!!!
ThePowerfulABSTA1 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pfffft~ "he was not up all night to get lucky" "why?" "Because he died" "why did he die?" "He was...REJECTED"
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Holy crap, Ginga. You must be the Goddess. Not kidding. And Kage must be God. I dunno. I think that would be funny. *gasps* A whole religion around Ginga and Kage! Holy jolopinio on a stick that tapdances. Dude, that is now the worst joke I've said in my intire life. Thank you. XD
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XD lol; well it's kind of a running joke around here, 'Lady Ginga' and 'Lord Kage'
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XD (i am Emma in my comments she is kinda shinigami but mostly demon and shapeshifter yay ots of races in 1)
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