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April 24, 2013
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It was a normal night. Zehnder was walking around, Esther was following. So far nothing too exciting had happened. They were walking in silence, and there weren’t many people out either; it was only about eight o’clock.

They were passing by the park, and Zehnder stopped. He motioned for her to stay quiet, and then entered the park. Staying out of the light, Zehnder looked around. Esther followed, trying to not make any noises; such as stepping on a dead leaf.

Zehnder looked over towards a park bench; someone was over there. He pointed at the young woman sitting on the bench, signaling that she was his next target. Esther expected him to simply go up behind her and smash her head in, but instead he walked away. Esther followed, confused, but interested.

Zehnder walked a little ways into the woods; far enough that a scream would be hard to hear, but still close enough to the park that it was easy to get to.

“I’ve seen that girl at the park before with her boyfriend. She’s a typical gossipy bitch and he’s a typical douchebag with the vocabulary of a child.” Zehnder reached up into one of the trees and grabbed a branch. He snapped it in two and half of it dropped to the ground; the half still in the tree now ended in a sharp point.

“Hey, hide in the bushes so she doesn’t see you.” He instructed to Esther; she nodded and crouched behind some bushes.

Zehnder walked a little bit closer to the park, and then Esther was amazed at what he did; he imitated the girl’s boyfriend’s voice and projected it so it sounded like it was coming from the edge of the woods.

“Hey babe! Come over here!” Zehnder called, in the boyfriend’s voice.

The woman looked up; from where she sat she could only hear it faintly. She disregarded the voice and continued writing a text on her cellphone.

“Babe? Over here!”

The woman looked up, and then she put her cellphone away and stood up. She began walking towards the woods.

“Chad? Is that you?” She shouted, getting closer to the woods.

“Yeah babe, in here!” Zehnder began walking back to where Esther was.

“Where have you been!? I’ve been texting you over and over!”

“Yeah sorry bitch- I mean babe! Had car trouble!”

“Why are you in these icky trees! There’s probably bugs in them!” She was getting closer; now in view. Stumbling a few times due to her high heeled shoes, she was now standing next to the bushes that Esther was hiding in. Zehnder was hiding in the shadows so she did not notice him.

“Chad! Where are you!?”

“Just over here!” The woman noticed Zehnder in the shadows; but didn’t see any features. Surprisingly enough; she didn’t notice that he was too tall to be Chad. “There you are! What’s wrong with you?! In this yucky place when it’s dark! You might get mud on you! Or you might see a rat! Ewww! I hate rats! They’re so icky and little and nasty! If one of them touched me I would scream! Or there might be bats! Ewww they’re ugly too! I hate bats! If I ever-!”

Zehnder growled; clearly getting very annoyed. He stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight. The girl looked up at him, towering above her, and screamed. She turned and tried to run. Due to her shoe’s heels, she tripped when one of them got tangled in the roots of a large tree.

She fell on her face, screaming again. Then she looked up and saw a moderately large spider crawling away, and screamed again.

“I am getting really sick of those screams!” Zehnder snarled and walked over to her. He picked her up by her foot and lifted her up till they were eye to eye. She screamed again, tears running down her face, trailing mascara.

She screamed again, but managed to form words this time. “Put me down you!”

Zehnder hissed, “Your voice is really annoying; you know that?”

She screamed again; Zehnder snarled.

“Shut the fuck up dammit! Am I gonna have to slap a bitch!?”

She screamed again; but out of fear she reached out and slapped him across the face. Zehnder paused, and then roared.

“That’s it! Bitch-slapping time!” Zehnder raised one of his hands and slapped her across the face; stopping her screaming. There was a crack when he did, and the girl began to make more of a gurgling noise than a scream; Zehnder’s bitch slap broke her jaw; filling her mouth full of blood.

Zehnder lifted her up by her feet to the broken branch. He pierced her ankles onto the splintered branch, causing blood to flow down her legs. Then he leaned back against the tree, watching as she hung upside down and tried to scream.

“Just be glad you’re not wearing a skirt.” Zehnder scoffed, taking out a cigarette. Esther got out of the bushes and stood next to him, watching as well.

“I found it funny when you bitch slapped her.” She commented.

“Yeah, well it was satisfying to shut her up.” They watched as the girl tried to release herself, quickly gave up, and then slowly died.

“I’m glad I won’t be seeing her in the park anymore; her voice is annoying as hell.” Zehnder stood up and reached into his coat. “Here, take this.” He handed something to Esther.

“Huh?” Esther took the item; it was the bloody hammer that she had used to kill Ron with. “You kept this?”

“Well, if I left it then police would know that you did it; your fingerprints are all over that and you just left it at the scene. I recommend gloves.” Zehnder began walking back towards the park. “Come on; I bet this slut’s boyfriend is around here.”

Esther walked after him, holding the large hammer covered in dry blood. They reached the park. Staying in the shadows, they soon discovered that Zehnder was right. They located the girl’s boyfriend, Chad.

He was looking around; probably for his now deceased girlfriend. His appearance was that of someone who thought they were better than everyone else; a vexatious jerk.

Esther looked at Zehnder, expecting him to go forward and kill the man, but he didn’t. He turned and looked at her, and then he motioned towards the man. Esther, confused, looked at him quizzically. Zehnder pointed at her, then at the man, and then made a snapping motion with his hands; basically, ‘you go kill him’.

Esther was excited; she moved forward, trying to be stealthy. Unfortunately for her, she was not that skilled in this terrain, and ended up rustling a few leaves.

“Babe? Is that you?” Chad turned and looked around. Esther sighed in disgust; he didn’t even call his own girlfriend by her name. Esther walked forward; trying to stay in the shadows. However, Chad noticed her and started towards her. She panicked, and then hid the hammer behind her back.

Chad saw her in detail, and then put on his “swave” face.

“Hey there sweetie,” He walked towards her, “What’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?”

Esther looked at him with amazement mixed with disgust; he had the audacity and stupidity to hit on another girl; even though he had a girlfriend, and he thought that she was in the park. Esther glared at him; she wouldn’t feel bad about killing him.

“What’s with the look, babe? Is it scary being out here by yourself? Don’t worry, I’ll protect-”

Esther brought the hammer out from behind her back and rushed forward. She hit him in the ribs; cracking one of them. He fell back and screamed.

“Yeah right; like you could protect me.” Esther scoffed. She hit him again, this time at the base of his neck. He screamed again.

Esther giggled, “You scream like your girlfriend!” She hit him again, but she feared his screams might attract someone. Learning from Zehnder; she whacked him across the jaw with the hammer; breaking it. He reached up to his face and grabbed his jaw, seemingly trying to fix it. Esther decided to finish it, and ended him with a few more blows to the face and neck.

Esther stood up and looked down at her work; satisfied. Zehnder walked out of the shadows and stood beside her; looking down at the body.

“Hmm,” He made a little sound of approval, “Not bad, Esther. Although we should probably get going; his screams probably called attention to people.”

Zehnder began to walk away. Esther gasped with joy; it was the first time he had called her by her name, instead of ‘you.’ She followed after him cheerfully, taking the hammer with her this time.
Chapter 9 - [link]

Chapter 7 - [link]

If there's one thing that can be taken from this chapter, it's this: Zehnder's bitchslap is badass.

This actually wasn't supposed to have that much comedic relief in it; that whole scene with the girl was actually total improv, not planned at all. It was originally just Esther killing a dude and Zehnder approving.

I expected this chapter to be waaaaaay shorter than it actually is; but I do know the next chapter will probably be longer than normal; it's action packed.

Story, Zehnder, Esther (C) :icongingaakam:
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LaughingJack2203 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it when he said "That's it! Bitch-slapping time!" and you're right, Zehnder's bitchslap is very badass!
ninetailedfoxfox Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Am I gonna have to slap a bitch!?”  “That’s it! Bitch-slapping time!” AWMYGAWD TEH LOLZ- Zehnder is officially my favorite slender!
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ITS BITCH-SLAPPING TIME! oh god, i laughed sooooo hard. xD
sbrdragonfly Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
your vocabulary is beautiful. I like how Zhender started to act like friends quickly because he's probably alone alot and because of that he gave in to the...friendship. You must have put so much thought into this. I applaude you
GingaAkam Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you c: 
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Aww! Killing couples in the park! What a great first date! XD
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When is he going to b*tch punch somebody like he did with Offenderman?
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LMFAO this is the funniest chapter EVER!!!!
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