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May 16, 2013
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Kagekao approached the city. He looked around to make sure there were no humans nearby, and entered it. It felt odd, disobeying his parents like this. He’d never really done it before, but right now he felt like he had to.

He climbed up to the top of a building and looked around for the shinigami. Seeing no one, he continued the search deeper into the city. He saw a few humans, but avoided them. Climbing along the rooftops, he continued his search.

* * *

After a while of searching; he saw someone walking along the sidewalk. They had three large pairs of wings on their back, and a mask and faceplate on. Kage climbed closer silently. He was disappointed when he saw that it wasn’t Scollex.

This shinigami had black hair and a black and gold suit, along with the fact that his large feathered wings were a light gold instead of white. Even though it wasn’t Scollex, Kage decided to follow him.

This shinigami walked along normally. Kagekao was confused when he saw humans walking along towards the shinigami, but they didn’t flee. In fact, they didn’t seem to notice him at all, as if he were invisible to them.

The shinigami paid no mind to them and kept on walking, and Kage followed. Soon the shinigami reached a park and entered it. In the park there were hardly any humans at all, maybe one or two leaving it.

Looking around, the shinigami stopped. Kagekao entered the park as well; he climbed into a tree and hid there.

“Any good kills, 兄?” (Brother?) A voice called out. The shinigami turned and saw someone else arrive from the streets and into the park; Scollex.

Kage held back a growl when he saw him, and tried to remain quiet.

“Yeah,” The other shinigami laughed, “pretty damn good; stabbed the guy in the ribs and injected venom, and then just watched as his systems shut down.”

“That’s always fun to watch.” Scollex chuckled. “ . . . アスカリス?” (Ascaris?)

“ん?  何?” (Hmm? What?)

“You haven’t seen any demons around here recently, have you?”

“No; why?”

“Eh, clawed one of their eyes out. Then the other one came after me, bitch stabbed me in the eye. I want some payback.” Scollex growled.

“Dammit Scollex, you get too worked up about these types of things.” Ascaris crossed his arms, “Just go kill something; that makes you feel better, right?”

“I guess so,” Scollex sighed, “But still-”

“弟さん、彼らは悪魔です.” (Little brother, they’re demons.) Ascaris interrupted, “Not a big threat to you. So one of them stabbed you, big deal; get over it.”

Scollex hissed, but didn’t reply.

“When something big comes up that’s worth your whining, call me.” Ascaris turned and started to leave.

“Where are you going?” Scollex growled, irritated by his brother’s words.

“To look around, maybe get another kill.”

Ascaris left, and Scollex turned away; annoyed. He walked down the path in the direction where Kage was hiding. Scollex, unaware of Kage’s presence, walked right underneath the tree where Kage was in.

Kage, seeing his chance, snarled. Then he pounced down towards Scollex, claws fully extended. With quick reflexes Scollex jumped back and swung out one of his wings. The wing struck Kage in midair and sent him flying to the left; he slammed into the trunk of a tree and fell to the ground, stunned.

Scollex flew over to him, angry.

“You’re pretty young to be attacking me like that,” Scollex said, a hint of amusement in his voice. “Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to mess with shinigami?”

Kage managed to get to his feet, and then hissed angrily. He got on all fours and then pounced at Scollex’s face. He clawed rapidly, and managed to pull off Scollex’s face plate.

Scollex snarled viciously, revealing his long hollow fangs. Kage clawed some more, leaving many cuts. Scollex hissed and grabbed Kage by the back of the neck. He yanked him off of his face and held him in the air. Kage hissed and tried to claw out more, his claws already bloody.

“ガキ!” (You brat!) Scollex roared, his hand morphed into a claw and he tightened his grip on Kage’s neck.

Kage gasped for air and tried to get out of his grip unsuccessfully.

“放せ!” (Let him go!) A voice from behind caused Scollex to turn around.

Kurai was standing there, sharp teeth bared and claws fully extended.

“Well well, I see that you’re still alive and kicking. Good for you.” Scollex grinned, “So, demon, what the fuck do you want?”

“You know what I want.” Kurai growled deeply and walked forward.

“You want your left eye back?” Scollex backed away from him and laughed. “Don’t worry about that,” His other hand morphed into a large claw. He lifted the claw towards Kage’s face and lightly pressed it against the skin around his left eye, causing Kage to struggle even more so.

“I’ll have another one for you in a few seconds.” Scollex prepared to plunge his claws into Kage’s face, when Kurai snarled and ran forward.

“Fine; I’ll finish what I started.” Scollex threw Kage to the side and faced Kurai. Kage slammed into the ground and choked to get his breath back.

Scollex slashed out with his claws towards Kurai, but Kurai dodged to the side and then clawed at his arm, leaving a large gash. Scollex hissed and drew back, and then whipped out one of his feathered wings towards Kurai. The ragged edges of the flight feathers sliced across Kurai’s face, opening the wound on his left eye.

Scollex drew back his hand to slash again, when something out of the darkness flew towards him and struck him at the base of the next; a silver dagger. He snarled and grabbed at the dagger, yanking it out of him.

Yuki appeared out of the darkness of the night and ran over to Kage. She asked him if he was alright; after he assured her that he was, she ran over to Scollex and Kurai.

Scollex dropped the dagger and blood gushed out of the deep wound at the base of his neck. Kurai pounced and sunk his claws into the wound, ripping it open wider.

Scollex roared and flew back, holding on to the wound to try and make the blood stop.

“I’ll get back at you!” He roared, and then fled; leaving the three demons.
Chapter 6 - [link]

Chapter 4 - [link]

As you can probably tell, Ascaris is the more calm one of the two. Scollex is kind of petty.

Also; the shinigami have the power to be invisible to normal people and only be seen when they want to (or if a human is spying and the shinigami don't know, then the human will be able to see); creatures such as demons and or altered humans (like Jeff or Trevor) can see them all the time.

Also, random small Japanese lesson; 兄 is 'ani', for older brother. 弟 is 'otouto' for younger brother. And then add 'san' if you want to be like that, Ani-san and Otouto-san. Also Oni-san is older brother. But I don't really know the difference between Ani-san and Oni-san.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was doing some revising to the plot today; and modified a few chapters. Earlier I said that it got reduced to 27 chapters; well now it's bumped up to 29. Yeah, awesome.

Characters, story (C) :icongingaakam:
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