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May 21, 2013
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Kage sighed. He climbed further up the roof so that he could no longer hear his parents; he didn’t like to hear them so sad.

Kage climbed to the highest part of the roof and sat down; he felt like he needed some alone time to think. He felt afraid; he didn’t know what his parents were planning, but it didn’t sound very easy.

He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the night. The wind blowing through the grass and the trees, crickets here and there, things of that sort. They were calming and peaceful, something nice.

Kage opened his eyes, and thought he saw something in the woods. He grew alert and looked over in the direction where he thought he had seen it. It had been small and subtle, but there was something.

Kage silently climbed down the roof and onto the ground. He headed into the forest, looking for the thing that he had seen. He walked over to where he had seen it, and found it; a small luminous yellow light floating through the air. It was a firefly, flying along by itself.

Kage watched as it floated along calmly, its light small, bright, and beautiful. It moved on, and Kage followed. Feeling like he was in a trance, Kage followed the small insect; not knowing how far he had gone. But soon, it was worth it.

The firefly flew into a small clearing and joined hundreds of others. The little fascinating bugs were everywhere, like small glittering lights in the air. Kage looked up at them, mesmerized by the wondrous sight.

Up in the sky, the moon shined brightly. It was surrounded by hundreds upon thousands of stars. The stars themselves were dazzling, like shards of precious gems, sparkling far away into the sky. Some of the stars seemed to be fireflies, and some of the fireflies seemed to be stars. They blended together beautifully.

Kage sat down and gazed at the amazing scene. It was all so peaceful and happy, like nothing was wrong in the world, and nothing would ever be.

Kage smiled, forgetting all his troubles; the vengeful shinigami, his worried parents, the unsure future. Just looking at this beautiful scene of nature was bliss.

He didn’t know how long he had sat there, but Kage felt that maybe he should return to the house soon. Well, maybe a little longer.

Then the fireflies seemed to gradually leave. One by one they blinked out their lights and left. Soon there were only a few lonely ones floating along, but the thousands of stars were still there. The stars were nice; they wouldn’t leave until they had to in the morning. Kage felt content looking at them.

But around him; had it gotten darker? Like, some sort of shadow? Maybe it was just the trees . . . Kage sighed, trying to not worry about anything and just enjoy the moment in silence.

“ん?これ何?ガキが一人ぼっち?” (Hmm? What’s this? The little brat is all alone?)

Kage jumped at the voice behind him. He turned and saw who it was. The shadow that had fallen over him was the shadow of the large wings; it was Scollex.

Kage scrambled to get to his feet, he rushed to flee; but Scollex shot out one of his wings and struck him, causing him to fall. Kage landed on the ground hard, but struggled to get to his feet. Scollex bent down and hit him with his wing again, slamming him into a tree. Kage tried to climb up this tree, but Scollex knocked him down. Each time Kage tried to get up to make an escape, Scollex hit him and prevented him from doing it; like a cat playing with a mouse right before it killed it.

Kage coughed and got to his feet.

“放っといてくれ!” (Leave me alone!) Kage snarled, trying to back up to escape.

“ごめんね ガキ,” (Sorry brat) Scollex chuckled, “You’re past the point of no return now.”

Scollex dashed forward; before Kage could react or dodge, Scollex grabbed his arm. His hand morphed into a claw, and held a tight grip. Kage tried to sink his claws into the hand holding his arm, the grip was so tight and painful it felt as if his arm would snap.

Scollex lifted Kage into the air, and then his other hand morphed into a claw. Using this hand, he grabbed Kage by the base of his neck; as to not suffocate him just yet. Kage struggled to get out of the grip in vain.

Scollex flew forward and slammed Kage against a tree. Kage gasped and choked for air. Scollex released his grip on Kage’s arm, but his other hand still had a tight grip on his neck.

Kage snarled weakly and kicked out at Scollex with his feet, landing a few. Scollex growled and moved his wings towards Kage, and held down his legs with them so he couldn’t kick.

“You little fucker.” Scollex hissed, “You know what happened to the last guy who dared to attack me in such a way that you did? They found parts of him scattered in a three mile radius.”

Kage tried to kick out more, but couldn’t. He tried to claw at the hand holding at him, but it seemed to have no effect.

“If a little brat tries to defy me,” Scollex growled with a hint of amusement, “Well then, that little brat has to be taught a lesson.”

With his other hand, he pointed one sharp claw out and brought it closer to Kage. He pressed it lightly against him, and Kage tried to struggle more.

“いや!止めて!止めて!放せ!” (No! Stop! Stop! Let go!) Kage cried out, helpless.

Scollex laughed, and held his claw idle. Kage stopped, hoping that he had followed his pleas for mercy; but he didn’t. Scollex pushed his claw forward, breaking the skin on Kage’s chest. He slowly pushed down harder, sinking the claw deeper into him.

Kage cried out in pain and tried to get him to stop. Scollex grinned, and then plunged another claw into him, and another. Then he slowly began to turn his hand, twisting the claws that were dug deep into Kage’s flesh.

Kage screamed in agony as blood poured out from around Scollex’s claws.

“止めて . . .” (Stop . . .) Kage pleaded weakly, blood rushing from his chest and mouth, “. . . お願い . . . 止めて . . .” (. . . please . . . stop . . .)

Scollex chuckled. He gave his claws one last small twist, and then yanked them out of him. Kage gasped and tried to catch his breath, the pain was unbearable.

Scollex released his grip on him, and Kage fell to the ground; spattering it with blood. He feebly lifted one of his hands to feel the deep wounds on him.

Scollex stepped back and admired his work, watching as Kage felt the warm blood that was beginning to pool around him.

Kage clawed at the ground, trying to find something to grab on to; something to help him stand up. In his state of intense agony, he didn’t seem to find anything. He tried to cover the wound with his hand, as if holding it would prevent the blood from escaping his body.

Suddenly something sped through the trees and rushed towards them. Kurai jumped out of the branches and onto Scollex, roaring furiously. He dug his claws into Scollex’s neck. Scollex snarled and started to thrash about, trying to get him off.

Kage felt his vision grow blurry, and the world went dark; the sound of Scollex and Kurai echoed in his mind as he fell into unconsciousness.
Chapter 11 - [link]

Chapter 9 - [link]

Yeah. .-. Scollex, Imma get Zehndy to perform one of his patented 'Zehnder bitch slaps' on you. Zehndy does the best bitch slaps.

Seriously though, could you imagine those two fighting? It would be epic. Then throw in Ascaris and maybe Slenderman, and you got yourself quite a show there.

Random Japanese lesson time: 止めて or やめて is 'Yamete', which is 'Stop'

Characters, Story (C) :icongingaakam:
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I give you full points on everything!!! And here's why!
First of all, I have to say, imagining Kage going all awestruck when he first sees the fireflies, I thought that was soooo adorable!!! I could just picture him like trying to pounce on one and catch it, but failing bc when the light goes out he cant see it xD so cute!
The way you described the clearing with all of the fireflies and stars twinkling and blending together painted a most beautiful image in my mind. You certainly have a wondrous way with words!
Reading how Kage was trying to escape from Scollex was so nervewracking! The way in the beginning of the fight where he kept getting knocked back down I was like "Nooo!!! KAGE!!! You can do it! Just keep trying!!!" but then he got pinned to a tree and I was like "NUUUU!!!!!!" lol very emotional storyplot.
But when Scollex was clawing him up it made me so mad I threw my food down on my tray at work and almost screamed at him through my phone xD Scollex definately needs a Zehndy bitch
Dad to the rescue again!!!
I swear Kage, you're gonna get yourself killed between your stubbornness and your

All in all it was a very moving and interesting chapter! I can't wait for the next one to come out!!!
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*grabs sai* Scollex...YOU JERK! *throws them into his eyes* How can you hurt little Kage!?
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Damn you Scollex, and Zehnder bitch slaps you had me cracking up! ; 3
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awesome! lol zehnder bitch slap XD
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I've got so much catching up to do!!!
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At least if there's a cliffhanger you don't have to wait a day to see what happens :3
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Damn. Will Kage ever stop getting his ass kicked?
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When he grows up and gets skills XD
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