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   ***Background information: These characters are all a result of a roleplay, so there is some explaining to do. Jigokuhi is the leader of the Kamiryu, a Japanese gang of demons. There is a link to his appearance in the description. Karakarume is the second in command. Jigokuhi also only has one full arm, and one half arm. One of his eyes is artificial but he can use it to sense heat.

“地獄火、裏切り者つかまれた。”[Jigokuhi, I caught the traitor.]


              Jigokuhi turned, looked towards the door. He was sitting on top of his desk, sharpening his katana. Karakarume entered, leading someone else; a badly injured demon with wide white eyes and black and white bat wings. The demon had a lot of claw marks on him, possibly from Karakarume, and his wings, hands, and mouth were bound.


              “ああ、良い。”[aa, good.] Ji sheathed his katana, turned so he was facing this demon, who was whimpering and struggling. “You may go now, Karakarume.”


              Karakarume looked from the demon to Jigokuhi, who gestured that it was alright to let go of the demon. Karakarume let go, pushing the demon forward a little, and turned and left, closing the door behind it.


              “ああ、裏切、はい?”[aa, Uragi, yes?] Ji slid off of the desk, stood in front of the demon, head tilted. “The one who tried to help those aho, rival gang?” He quickly unsheathed his katana again, pointed it at one of the demon’s eyes.


              Uragi trembled, didn’t do anything else.


              “Aa, scared, are you?” Ji chuckled, papped the side of Uragi’s face with his katana. “I don’t blame you.” He calmly looked the scared demon in the eyes, licked his teeth. The shot forward and slashed his katana.


              Uragi emitted a muffled terrified screech, fell backwards.


              “Ehahahiha!!” Ji bared his teeth, cackling, licked his teeth again with his long tongue. He took a step forward and slashed his katana again.


              Uragi tried to dodge backwards but he couldn’t, the katana slashed at his face. It hit its mark, which wasn’t to slice Uragi’s face in two, but to cut the rope gagging him.


              Although he could, Uragi didn’t make a noise, just sat back, trembling. Ji smirked, used his katana to pull the rope around Uragi’s face away.


              “Oh come on, dear. Don’t give me that look.” Ji snickered softly, tilting his head. “If I wanted you to be killed, you would have been killed, long ago.” He smirked at him, then stood straight again. “On your feet.”


              Uragi didn’t move, just stared back.


              “I said on your feet!!” Ji roared, opened his mouth to show most of his teeth, flicked out his tongue. Uragi shrieked, jumped backwards, hitting the door. Ji snarled and grabbed something off of his desk, a dagger, threw it at Uragi’s feet. Uragi made a terrified high-pitched noise and pushed back against the door, managed to stand.


              Jigokuhi immediately calmed down, “良い、良い。いいなやつ。”[Good, good. Good guy.] He had his katana in his hand, so he used his head to motion for Uragi to come closer to him. Uragi didn’t move, still shaking. Ji roared again, with his teeth bared but clamped together. Uragi jumped, but reluctantly took a few steps forward.


              Ji sat back down on his desk. “Don’t be so damn pathetic, aho. I understand.” He tilted his head, smiled sweetly. “I understand completely.”


              Uragi’s eyes flashed a small spark of hope. “You, do . . ?”


              Ji threw back his head and laughed, then looked back at him, still smiling, showing his sharp teeth. “Please, I’m the boss here, don’t you think I have my own experiences of betrayal?”


              The demon leader slid off of the desk, stood in front of Uragi. He walked a circle around the bound demon, examining him. “You just saw an opportunity, so you took it, correct?”


              Uragi was still shaking, but nodded his head quickly. Ji smirked, he had his katana raised in front of him. “You’re out on your own, you have to look out for number one, right?”


              Uragi nodded again.


              “You thought you’d have it better with the other gang, so you tried to gain their trust by betraying me, right?”


              Uragi immediately nodded again.


              Jigokuhi’s expression changed from one of calm understanding to raging fury. He slashed his katana at Uragi’s back.


              The demon screeched and fell forward, expecting blood to start streaming down his back. However, none did. He moved his wings and his hands, Ji had cut the bonds. Uragi fell to the ground, wrapped his wings around him, trembling and making a small noise.


              “On your feet, gaichyu!!” Ji snarled, swung his katana at the scared demon’s feet.


              Uragi shrieked but stumbled to stand up. Ji tilted his head and bared his teeth, put the end of his katana up to Uragi’s neck, hissing “You do that again and you’ll lose your wings.”


              Uragi nodded rapidly, “I-I understand what you mean aa Jigokuhi-sama y-you’re too dignified to k-k-” He stammered, backing up to a wall, “k-kill someone who’s he-helpless and tied up so- so-”


              “Shhh~” Jigoku hissed softly, put the side of the blade against Uragi’s face, his own face was now only a few inches away. He smirked, licked his teeth. “I told you, I’m not going to kill you. If I had wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead.”


              Ji took a step back, sheathed his katana. “We’re friends, yes?”


              Uragi didn’t say anything, just stared into Ji’s one red eye, then at his artificial eye.


              Jigokuhi snarled and slammed the blade of the katana into the wall behind Uragi’s head.


              “Y-yes we’re friends!!” Uragi cried out and shrank down, remembered what Ji had said about staying on his feet, stood back up.


              Ji smiled sweetly again, tilted his head. He pulled his katana out of the wall, patted the blade against the side of Uragi’s neck, where the gang tattoo was.


              “Hey, once a Kamiryu, always a Kamiryu, right?”


              Uragi calmed down a little, “はっはい、ボス。。“[Y-yes, boss..]


              Ji took a step back, sheathed his katana. “Friends don’t kill friends, right?”


              “はい、ボス。。。“[Yes, boss…]


              Ji pulled him off of the wall, put his good arm around him, and gestured towards the door with the shards sticking out of his half-arm. “散歩する。”[We’re taking a walk.] He started towards the door, taking the reluctant Uragi with him.


              Karakarume was outside the door against a wall, it stood up when Jigokuhi exited. Its eyes widened a little when it saw Uragi unbound and still alive. “ボス何してるの。。?”[Boss what are you doing . . ?]


              “大丈夫です、カラカル目。”[It’s alright, Karakarume.] Jigokuhi smirked,“友達と算法します。”[I’m just taking a walk with my friend.]


              Karakarume watched them go, confused, but stayed where it was.


              The two of them went downstairs, left the building. Jigokuhi led Uragi down a backroad, looking around with his one hand neatly behind his back, and his other arm positioned as if it had a hand and it too was behind his back. Uragi followed, not daring to make a run for it.


              “We have to stick together, right?  Shijisha?” Ji continued to look around, strolling nonchalantly.


              “U-un.” Uragi nodded his head.


              “Stop being so frightened, dear.” Ji turned, Uragi nearly walked into him. Ji tilted his head and grinned, narrowing his eyes. “I already told you, I’m not going to kill you.”


              Uragi was silent, then tilted his head as well. “B-but I, I betrayed you and, aa a . . ?”


              Ji laughed, patted the side of Uragi’s face. “Shush, we all make mistakes. For now we are just two friends on a walk.” He turned and continued walking.


              Uragi’s face brightened up a little, he stopped walking. “You’re, really not going to kill me!?”


              Ji stopped, turned back, smiled, nodded.


              Uragi’s wings flapped twice, his eyes lit up and he flew over to Jigokuhi “Aaa Jigokuhi-sama!! You’re the best leader anyone could ever ask for! Thank you so much I promise from now on you have all of my loyalty I don’t care what anyone offers I will follow you until-!!”


              “Shhhush, dear.” Ji smiled, patted the side of Uragi’s face. “Will you do something for me?”


              “Y-yes Jigokuhi-sama! ボス!” [Boss!] Uragi nodded rapidly.


              Ji looked to where they were next to, there was an alley there that was closed off by a chain-link fence. He walked over and opened the door, “This is where I keep the secret stash of my best habu sake. Could you, go in and retrieve a bottle or two? I don’t feel like rummaging through old boxes. If you don’t mind . . ?”


              “Yes! Sure! Anything!” Uragi flapped his wings a few times and then shot through the doorway into the alley. It was night and there were no lights, so he quickly disappeared from sight.


              Jigokuhi smirked, watched him go. His artificial eye lit up, as did the tips of his horns. He looked into the alley. He could see the heat coming off of Uragi. Uragi was at the end of the alley, looking around for boxes, even though he couldn’t see anything.


              Jigokuhi unsheathed his katana slowly, quietly. He tapped it on one of his horns, once, twice, three times.


              Uragi raised his head, turned around and looked towards his leader. The signal had always been two taps, but that was, three taps? He tilted his head, walked back to Jigokuhi. “Jigoku-sama, I think there’s a mistake, there’re no boxes back there . . ?”


              Ji narrowed his eyes. “No, no mistake.” He was still looking at the heat. There was Uragi’s heat, and then another mass dropped down behind him, at the end of the alley.


              Uragi paused, then flapped his wings and shot towards the doorway. Ji snarled and slammed the door close.


              “J-jigokuhi-sama!?” Uragi clutched at the fence, “何これ!?”[What is this!?]


              Ji just smirked at him, licked his lips. They were both silent, and Uragi heard a faint noise behind him. Claws scraping against the concrete floor. He quickly looked back, but it was too dark to see anything.


              “Jigokuhi-sama!?! ボス!! 友達!?”[Boss!! Friend!?] Uragi rapidly looked behind him again, then back at Ji. He flapped his wings and shook the fence.


              “Shhuuush, dear.” Ji reached his fingers through the fence, stroked the side of Uragi’s terrified face. “That’s not going to help you.”


              Ji looked past Uragi, into the darkness.


              “Jigoku-sama . .” Uragi was still, breathing hard.


              There was a deep laugh from behind him, from the darkness.


              “アアハハ、地獄仲間。何これ?俺のプレゼント?やさしね、地獄仲間。“[Aahaha, Jigoku-comrade. What is this? A present, for me? You’re too kind, Jigoku-comrade.]


              The deep voice laughed again, then the sound of something sharp clicking against the ground.


              Uragi looked back at the noise, then towards Ji again, “Jigokuhi!?”


              “ん、わかるよ。俺はすごくやさし。晩御飯もたらしました。”[n, I know. I’m amazingly kind. I brought you dinner.] Ji bared his teeth and snickered, ignoring Uragi now.


              “晩御飯!?!”[Dinner!?!] Uragi shook the fence harder.


              “アアアガハハハハッハ!!”[Aaagahahahahha!!] The one in the darkness half-laughed half-roared, “このばかやろう、ウイング忘れてた!!”[This stupid asshole, forgot about his wings!!]


              Uragi paused for a few seconds, eyes wide. Then he flapped his wings and flew up the fence.


              “ああ!ノ、ノ、だめだよ。やんちゃ餌食。”[aa! No, no, bad. Disobedient prey.] A hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed one of Uragi’s legs. Uragi shrieked and was pulled down. Another hand appeared and grabbed the other leg, yanked his feet from under him. Before he could do anything, Uragi was pulled into the darkness, and then the one there sat on him so he couldn’t get up.


              “地獄火様!!おねがい!ごめん!おねがい!たすけてくれ!!”[Jigokuhi-sama!! Please! I’m sorry! Please! Save me!!] Uragi struggled under the weight of the one in the darkness.


      “ハアハハ、煩いな悪魔。”[haahaha, noisy demon.] The one in the darkness chuckled, a sly tone in its voice. It paused for a moment, then Uragi could feel its breath on his neck.“でも、美味しそうな悪魔。”[But, delicious looking demon.] It started pulling at Uragi’s black and white wings, “ん、俺こもりウイングがない。。ちょっと、ほし。。とります!”[n, I don’t have wings yet. . Kind of want them . . I’ll take them!]


                  Uragi shrieked again. The one in the darkness put its hand on his head and pushed him down in an attempt to make him shut up. “オイ、地獄仲間、おなかすいた?”[Oi, Jigoku-comrade, you hungry?]


                  Jigokuhi opened the door and stepped inside, unsheathed his katana. He shrugged, “ん、ちょっとだけ。腕ちょうだい。”[n, a little bit. Give me an arm.]


                  “はい、ちょっとまって下さい~。”[Okay, give me a moment~] The one in the darkness roared, and then sank its teeth into Uragi’s shoulder, making him shriek. With a quick jerk of its head the one in the darkness ripped off Uragi’s left arm. Uragi started screeching louder as it tossed the decapitated arm to Jigokuhi, who stabbed it in the air with his katana.


                  “ん、良い。ありがとうね。”[N, good. Thank you.] Ji examined the arm, started picking the cloth off.


                  “はい、いただきます~!”[Okay, let’s eat~!] It half sang half cackled, and immediately started ripping into Uragi’s wings.


                  Jigokuhi watched with his heat vision, smirking, as Uragi struggled and shrieked. Within a few minutes the one in the darkness had consumed one of the wings. It ravenously started into the other one, eating flesh, bone, all.


                  “地獄様ああ!!おっおねがい!たすけっがああー!!”[Jigokusamaaa!! P-please! Save m-gaa-!!] Uragi was still holding onto a small flicker of hope that this was all just a warning, that Jigokuhi would call off the other one.


                  “とまって、仲間。”[Stop, comrade.]


                  It looked up from its meal, the last bit of the second wing in its mouth. Jigokuhi was pointing his katana at its face, using his heat vision to know where it was. It ceased its feasting, sat up.


                  “J-jigokuhi-sama . . tha-” Uragi started, Ji stopped him, patted the side of his face.


                  “Shhuush, my dear.” He said very quietly, head tilted, sweet smile on his face. His smile widened, and he licked his lips. “Have you learned, darling, why you don’t go against me?”


                  Uragi whimpered, but nodded.


                  “ハッ、良い、良い。”[Hah, good, good.] Ji tilted his head, licked his teeth. “Because no one, no one, gets away with betraying Jigokuhi.”


                  “J-Ji . . . I’m s-s-sorr-”


                  “わかるよ、残念ですね。”[I know, it’s a shame.] He bared his teeth, flicking his tongue out.“遅い。”[Too late.]


                  In the blink of an eye he drew back his katana and swung.


                  Uragi didn’t have any time to utter anything else, his head went flying. The one in the darkness leapt after it, caught it in the air in its teeth.


                  “残念ですね、俺の言葉うそだった。”[It’s a real shame, my words to you were a lie.] Jigokuhi smirked, turned, and walked out of the alley. He stopped a few feet out of the fence, watching the blood drip down on his katana, the arm was still on it.


                  There were several small noises from the alley, and the one in the darkness came out as well, holding the head in one hand and dragging the body in its teeth. It dropped it after it was next to Ji.


                  “オイ、ジ仲間、めっちゃありがとうね、とってもおなかすいたかった。”[Oi, Ji-nakama, hell of a lot of thanks, I was starving.]


                  Ji looked down at it, “ん。どいたしましてね。”[n, you’re welcome.]


                  It made a pained noise, coughed up some blood. It arched it back, its tail, which resembled a very large scorpion tail, curled up and down. Two bits of bone ripped through the flesh on its back, through the skin and through the cloth, a little under the shoulder blades. The pieces of bone grew larger and longer, and it continued making uncomfortable pained noises. The bone gained flesh, and skin, and then colour. By the end it had two large black and white bat wings on its back, Uragi’s wings. It flapped them once, twice, and chuckled.


                  “じゃ、地獄仲間、つぎのミール、招待してね”[Jya, Jigoku-comrade, at the next meal, invite me okay] It raised its new wings, “じゃ、またにゃ~”[Jya, seeya~] It grabbed the decapitated head in its mouth, the rest of the body in its claws, and then flapped its wings hard and took off.


                  Jigokuhi watched it go, taking the body of the traitor with it. He smirked, licked his lips.


    そうですね、じゃね。”[Yes, until next time.]

Sooo I wasn't originally going to post this but, I wrote it for fun and, apparently it's good so, yeah. hahahah. Ji is scary. Ji is this one

Jigokuhi, other demon © GingaAkam
Karakarume © GummyDragon
Hellfire by GingaAkam
This, my friends, is what happens when you need a character to fill a spot in an rp, and then you give that character a name, and then you design that character, and then you accidentally give that character a backstory. So yes this is my new child and I love him. He's kind of a dick though. Loves habu sake though lool. including eating the preserved habu inside. Which I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do. But who's going to stop him?

His blood arm is partially inspired by the manga Deadman Wonderland and partially inspired by Alex Mercer from the game Prototype.

idk more on him later -handwaves- some of him is still in the works though so this might not be his final design, I just wanted to sketch him crazy faced and then I just kind of, refined the sketch, a lot. Miight have another tattoo or something idk, or modify the dragon one already there, idk the dragon was just kind of an impulse thought.

You can't see his other eye but his other eye is this, artificial thing, I was originally going to have his head angled so you can see both eyes but, eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. His horns only light up when his eye lights up but his horns are a little hard to see here 'cause it's dark but they're pretty twisted horns.

© GingaAkam
Daraku Makimono concept art by GingaAkam
Daraku Makimono concept art
Anyone remember my lovely Daraku? He was in Kage's story, briefly. He's the one who made Kage's mask and he's like, the strongest shinigami in Japan. I am working with him a liiittle more right now so yes, I needed to draw him, because he's cool.

He's most often in his spirit forme because if you're a spirit you can float around. But he has a very rarely used physical forme there. Mostly used whenever the little cutie clinging to him there needs a hug. Look at him look how cute he is ehehehe. 

If you're curious, the kanji on his all mean things like, murder, scream, death, curse, etc etc. But, one of them, near his neck, says puppy. Because why the hell not. hahahaha. 

© GingaAkam


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meme squid

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Daft puuuuunk

"We're lucky to hang out on the planet, They could just....get back on the spaceship that brought 'em here and go. And leave us. But they're gracious, They're nice robots. They chose to stay." - Pharrell Williams

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SO. Haven't been on in a while. Obviously. Sorry. Missed you guys. Hmm. 

See, thing is, prepare for a bunch of excuses, but, being a senior there's like, a looot of things stressing the hell out of me. Mainly college things. And I did not have the spoons to draw/write things and freak out about college and future plans at the same time. Graduation is rapidly arriving and it is pretty damn scary. I thought I could deal with both but apparently I am weaker than I thought I was, hehe. 

BUT! Much of that stress is gone now, namely college acceptance and some senior plan things. So! I will probably actually start doing things again. 

Again! Very sorry about like, not being active, at all. Mechya gomen ne. But I should be better now summer is soon and that makes me a happy Feerie. 

Actually I have been drawing a lot but mostly random sketchbook sketches.

AND! Mechya gomen again for hardly talking to anyone, really have only been talking to a few people because talking to more than one person at a time is a bit stressful on me when, things are, stressful. Do not ask me why it is just how odd ol Ging works. IF I HAVE NOT BEEN TALKING TO YOU; It does NOT mean I hate you or anything! I have just been busy freaking out. Had quite an incredible meltdown yesterday, still feel sick from it. But that is over now I am k c: 

Working on some things, actually, although over half of them are long-term things that will take, a long time. I don't know how soon that will be available to you guys.


Plus! A little bit of advertising here for one of my most very favourite humans. So GummyDragon and I have been doing an au rp with Jeff and Kagekao where they are in college. Take note, this is an au, so there are lots of changes, obviously. Kage's maybe like, 19 or 20, so is Jeff, I think. Kage's a human because it would be hard for a weirdo like him to get into college and Jeff is normal Jeff for the same reason. And it is an au so anything can happen. Heeheheheh. I am currently working on the design for Kage's human self and I do have pictures that I will post. Don't you think this is an opportunity to see his uncovered face though, that's still a secret. Hehehehe. Although by now it's pretty damn easy to figure out what his face looks like. Whatever. 

Anyway the point of this little tangent, Chi has been a very cool person and has adapted some of the rp into a story format and the reason why I bring all of this up is I figured some of you would want to read it. Although in my opinion this first section is no where near as exciting as the second section. This is a, very, fun, rp. Heads up. We enjoy it very much thought you guys might like it too.

Here you go  NakamaFinals. The word was enough to make him shiver. Or was it the fact that he felt like he was going to pass out? What was it, like, one am? Jeff checked his phone. Three am. Damn it. He resisted the urge to throw the phone across the room and set it down with a light tap beside his open history textbook. Tomorrow was his first final and like an idiot he hadn’t managed to study enough for his liking so here he was in the below ground floor of the library studying at three in the goddamn morning hoping he might be able to pull a miracle out of the textbook and save it for the test the next day. Today. Whatever.
Oddly enough he wasn’t alone here. There was one other kid in the room, also with a book in front of him, but he didn’t look as frantic as Jeff did, more bored. He had short but fluffy black hair that lightly trailed back from his forehead to the back of his head in a puffy peak that looked like it’d be fun to squish. Even from here Jeff could tell he was for

Also because Kage is younger his English is not as good at it is now. So, he speaks a lot of Japanese, partially because only one other person can understand him [Akadoku is his roommate, but he doesn't appear until later] and he enjoys messing with people but also because English eh. And this is written from Jeff's point of view [not, first person but, from his, side?], so there's no translation. But that's okay it's just part of the fun. If you want to know what certain things say then read the description of the story ne, Japanese practice for those who want Japanese practice. 


Anyways, hopefully this will not be another instance where I say I'm going to do things and then get distracted by angry silver rioreusu!! I will try my best I swear to the jar of bubbles on my desk. Love you guys! 

If you're curious as to what mechya gomen means it basically means hella sorry. Mechya is pretty much the Japanese variant of hella. The more you know. [that is what the title says, hella sorry]
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Luv your art :D
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Hi Gingaakam is it okay if I can make a over character. That is a brother to kagekao
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