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Profile Sketch
New Commission Option by GingaAkam
Bloody Rage Splendy Sketch by GingaAkam
Sketch of character's profile, in three options: Black and white, blood covered, or eyes.
1-2 Characters
Commission For Kittyfritz by GingaAkam
Two characters, simple shading.
Simple, 3
Art Trade - MoasPictures by GingaAkam
Simple shading, three or less characters.
Simple, 4 to 6 characters
Commission for CatdeLUNA 2 by GingaAkam
Simple shading, four to six characters.
Simple, 7 or more characters
Commission For Moathewerewolf by GingaAkam
Simple, seven or more characters. More characters means more work which means higher cost. NOTE: Smile's puppies in a group does not count as 8 extra characters, counts as 1.
More complex
Commission for Cadattack123 by GingaAkam
More complex, as in backgrounds, shading, etc.
Commission for darumemay by GingaAkam
Icon for Shiniyami-Kagekao by GingaAkam
Eyeless Jack icon by GingaAkam
Icon for account or group. Animated or still frame. Fill this form if you want one:

Type of icon*:
If yes, what type of animation*:
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*Group or Account Avatar
*If OC, then please provide a reference picture. If no ref is available, then an elaborate description will suffice.
*Animated or still frame
*I do NOT do extravagant and complicated ones like running or moving around, only things like blinking, frame changing/slides, small things. No wind, I'm not good at wind.



No more pocky by GingaAkam
No more pocky <- same guy

It is kind of hard to see I am sorry but he is very very dark themed with the exception of the spikes. Plus I did reuse the background. shut up background are mechya mendokusai.

© :icongingaakam:
Ichigo Pocky by GingaAkam
Ichigo Pocky
This guy is a huge slut, a proud one, and one of his code names is 'Incubus.' That is all the info on him that I will release for now.

pocky is a chocolate covered biscuit stick thing if you don't know, what's in his mouth. I don't know if they have them in America..? that does not call for comments explaining whether or not they are thank you

© GingaAkam

Edit: I, somehow forgot his tail um. Wow Gin. yeah. hm. also love how I said that does not call for comments so thank you for the comments hahahahahahahahahaahahhahahhahahahahahahahah
Scollex Concept art by GingaAkam
Scollex Concept art
So! I already did Ascaris so I figured I'd do Scollex but, I'll be honest with Ascaris I was just redesigning him I wasn't working with him but for this one, I have been working on Scollex a lot lately so, it's much more detailed heheh..

I know a lot of you don't like Scollex because of the fact that he's a total dick towards Kage but TRUST ME he is an adorable precious little grumpy amazing. 

So yes I have, given him a makeover yes. His wings are more based on osprey because I have decided that he really like predatory birds specifically osprey and bearded vulture, mostly osprey, have you seen osprey they are precious.

I did redesign his claws, taking influence from Alex Mercer a little. As well as his claws are larger and stronger than Ascaris's, but Ascaris has a very potent venom.

There shows all of his scars and tattoos, big ol osprey birdie on his chest and the kanji there says 'shinigami's wrath/anger' 

And he used to reside in a closet but someone brought him out of it so, interpret that the way you want to. 

Also Scoll wears his face masks much less than Ascaris does because he is careless and likes his face.

© GingaAkam


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meme squid

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Daft puuuuunk

"We're lucky to hang out on the planet, They could just....get back on the spaceship that brought 'em here and go. And leave us. But they're gracious, They're nice robots. They chose to stay." - Pharrell Williams

Plz accounts created by me:

Kagekao Plz Accounts -

Plz accounts from pictures of mine:

Group by me:
SO. Haven't been on in a while. Obviously. Sorry. Missed you guys. Hmm. 

See, thing is, prepare for a bunch of excuses, but, being a senior there's like, a looot of things stressing the hell out of me. Mainly college things. And I did not have the spoons to draw/write things and freak out about college and future plans at the same time. Graduation is rapidly arriving and it is pretty damn scary. I thought I could deal with both but apparently I am weaker than I thought I was, hehe. 

BUT! Much of that stress is gone now, namely college acceptance and some senior plan things. So! I will probably actually start doing things again. 

Again! Very sorry about like, not being active, at all. Mechya gomen ne. But I should be better now summer is soon and that makes me a happy Feerie. 

Actually I have been drawing a lot but mostly random sketchbook sketches.

AND! Mechya gomen again for hardly talking to anyone, really have only been talking to a few people because talking to more than one person at a time is a bit stressful on me when, things are, stressful. Do not ask me why it is just how odd ol Ging works. IF I HAVE NOT BEEN TALKING TO YOU; It does NOT mean I hate you or anything! I have just been busy freaking out. Had quite an incredible meltdown yesterday, still feel sick from it. But that is over now I am k c: 

Working on some things, actually, although over half of them are long-term things that will take, a long time. I don't know how soon that will be available to you guys.


Plus! A little bit of advertising here for one of my most very favourite humans. So GummyDragon and I have been doing an au rp with Jeff and Kagekao where they are in college. Take note, this is an au, so there are lots of changes, obviously. Kage's maybe like, 19 or 20, so is Jeff, I think. Kage's a human because it would be hard for a weirdo like him to get into college and Jeff is normal Jeff for the same reason. And it is an au so anything can happen. Heeheheheh. I am currently working on the design for Kage's human self and I do have pictures that I will post. Don't you think this is an opportunity to see his uncovered face though, that's still a secret. Hehehehe. Although by now it's pretty damn easy to figure out what his face looks like. Whatever. 

Anyway the point of this little tangent, Chi has been a very cool person and has adapted some of the rp into a story format and the reason why I bring all of this up is I figured some of you would want to read it. Although in my opinion this first section is no where near as exciting as the second section. This is a, very, fun, rp. Heads up. We enjoy it very much thought you guys might like it too.

Here you go  NakamaFinals. The word was enough to make him shiver. Or was it the fact that he felt like he was going to pass out? What was it, like, one am? Jeff checked his phone. Three am. Damn it. He resisted the urge to throw the phone across the room and set it down with a light tap beside his open history textbook. Tomorrow was his first final and like an idiot he hadn’t managed to study enough for his liking so here he was in the below ground floor of the library studying at three in the goddamn morning hoping he might be able to pull a miracle out of the textbook and save it for the test the next day. Today. Whatever.
Oddly enough he wasn’t alone here. There was one other kid in the room, also with a book in front of him, but he didn’t look as frantic as Jeff did, more bored. He had short but fluffy black hair that lightly trailed back from his forehead to the back of his head in a puffy peak that looked like it’d be fun to squish. Even from here Jeff could tell he was for

Also because Kage is younger his English is not as good at it is now. So, he speaks a lot of Japanese, partially because only one other person can understand him [Akadoku is his roommate, but he doesn't appear until later] and he enjoys messing with people but also because English eh. And this is written from Jeff's point of view [not, first person but, from his, side?], so there's no translation. But that's okay it's just part of the fun. If you want to know what certain things say then read the description of the story ne, Japanese practice for those who want Japanese practice. 


Anyways, hopefully this will not be another instance where I say I'm going to do things and then get distracted by angry silver rioreusu!! I will try my best I swear to the jar of bubbles on my desk. Love you guys! 

If you're curious as to what mechya gomen means it basically means hella sorry. Mechya is pretty much the Japanese variant of hella. The more you know. [that is what the title says, hella sorry]
  • Listening to: Sekai no Owari
  • Watching: The walking dead
  • Playing: Monster hunter 4 ultimate
  • Drinking: lemonade


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Hello there. I am among your new watchers, because I love all of your creepy and funny art! Hehe.
I was wondering...
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Hi I can get your permission to use your characters:

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    ·         Zehnder

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in a story I will writeSweating a little... 
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Oh my gosh,,,,,,, i found your account,,, you were my main creepypasta account i followed,, you raised me basically,, thank u
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