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Commission For Kittyfritz by GingaAkam
Two characters, simple shading.
Simple, 3
Art Trade - MoasPictures by GingaAkam
Simple shading, three or less characters.
Simple, 4 to 6 characters
Commission for CatdeLUNA 2 by GingaAkam
Simple shading, four to six characters.
Simple, 7 or more characters
Commission For Moathewerewolf by GingaAkam
Simple, seven or more characters. More characters means more work which means higher cost. NOTE: Smile's puppies in a group does not count as 8 extra characters, counts as 1.
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My Chat room -…

This explains me perfectly:
"when somebody whos generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because theyre fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their shit because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologise instead of saying they have a short temper or theyre too dramatic"

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Daft puuuuunk

"We're lucky to hang out on the planet, They could just....get back on the spaceship that brought 'em here and go. And leave us. But they're gracious, They're nice robots. They chose to stay." - Pharrell Williams

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'kay so I finally got to see Transformers 4

and I gotta say, I still can't get over two headed shockwave drone.

He's like, Shockwave-looking, but he's like, got two heads like, one shockwave, two heads. Like wow Shocky did you really need two heads it looks cool and alien-like but why do you need two heads is it because you only have one eye and now that you have two heads you have two eyes so you're "normal" wow Shocky wow 

he only appeared for like two seconds but lol I still love him, he's probably dead. 

But seriously though, I know a lot of people think this movie sucked, but idc what anyone says I loved it. It was so much better than the last one, the last one was great when it came to robots but horrible when it came to EVERYONE DYING -sobs- I had forgotten this one guy had died and my brother saw 4 before me so I asked "Is [name removed for spoilers] okay?" and he's like "that guy died in the last movie" and I just kind of died inside. Again. 

But really though, the dinobots were amazing. Those designs though, those designs. I still find it funny how [I think] they didn't say "dinobots" in the movie, because dinobots sounds kind of, not extreme enough for those tiny mechagodzillas. I also find it funny how they changed Slag's name to "Slug" idk officially why but "slag" is kind of a swearword in the transformers fandom. Also giving Strife [think that was his name] an extra head and turning the diplodocus into a Spinosaurus. Well, I think that's what happened, I haven't watched the 80's show in a while. 

Although Bumblebee was kind of a little condensed ball of hate and sass in the first half of the movie, like damn Bee are you alright. Goin through a rebellious stage or something are you

I did love Crosshair's [had to look his name up, he's the bright green one with the coat] design though. Although the metal coat thing seems like it would be bad for running around, being totally not aerodynamic and causing a whole lot of drag and all. But it's still gorgeous. Also loved Oppy and Bee's new designs, Oppy seems much more, eh, how you say, streamlined? He's not as bulky, metal looks more like muscle than his last design. 

Ooh also loved how the truck was originally like the one from G1 that was pretty cool


althouuuugh does anyone else find it a little messed up about how the dinobots are just kind of now roaming free on the earth? I mean, I know they're free now and that's all well and good but . . . if they're anything like G1 dinobots they're going to end up smashing things for fun, idk maybe they're more responsible now that they're giant and extremely badass

as well as they just kind of, left Galvatron there, can't remember where Galvy was when you last see him but, that's a little irrisponsible of you Oppy don't you think . . ? I mean I get that you need to take the seed thing away and all but, Galvatron. He's kind of a dick. 


Well now I really want a replica of Grimlock though, two of my favorite things combined, robots and dinosaurs. 

I think the casting was better in this movie than in the previous three, I don't know any of the new actors but, idk it just seems better than shia labeuf. No offense, or anything. 

[-sighs- I miss Bonecrusher]
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