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New Commission Option by GingaAkam
Bloody Rage Splendy Sketch by GingaAkam
Sketch of character's profile, in three options: Black and white, blood covered, or eyes.
1-2 Characters
Commission For Kittyfritz by GingaAkam
Two characters, simple shading.
Simple, 3
Art Trade - MoasPictures by GingaAkam
Simple shading, three or less characters.
Simple, 4 to 6 characters
Commission for CatdeLUNA 2 by GingaAkam
Simple shading, four to six characters.
Simple, 7 or more characters
Commission For Moathewerewolf by GingaAkam
Simple, seven or more characters. More characters means more work which means higher cost. NOTE: Smile's puppies in a group does not count as 8 extra characters, counts as 1.
More complex
Commission for Cadattack123 by GingaAkam
More complex, as in backgrounds, shading, etc.
Commission for darumemay by GingaAkam
Icon for Shiniyami-Kagekao by GingaAkam
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Yoo I'm going to school camp today so I'll be gone for three days, not putting this in a journal 'cause it's only three days. do not worry about halloween things i will be back in time to get out a -a bit late- halloween comic(s) 
Proxy High: Symphony by GingaAkam
Proxy High: Symphony
I was originally going to wait until I finished his story to submit this, but it's taking much longer than I thought it would. So eh. Just a few notes on this:
1) Yes this is the first full image of him I'm uploading but it's not his actual outfit it's the Proxy High's uniform, which is a little bit of a shame because in my personal opinion his original is more suited to him, but eh this is pretty too.
2) His eyes aren't red, they're more of a golden amber, but these have to be monochrome and a class color so, red. 
3) also because of the monochrome he kinda looks like a dead body but it's just because of the monochrome; as well as he's wearing silver gloves.
4) His concealed weapons are normally hidden, but for the purposes of showing examples, here you can see some. 

This is for the group :iconproxyhigh:

Also keep in mind he still has a lot of character development to do, so it's inevitable that some of this may change. Mostly smaller add-ons, nothing huge don't worry.

Bullet; Black Basic Information

Name: Alexander ["Symphony"]
Age: 19
Day of Birth: Oct 17 [this is his creaton date, actually, haven't worked out a character birthdate yet]
Height: 6'1" 
Class: Red
Notable features: Treble shaped scar over right eye, as well as his right eye is missing. He always has his violin case with him.
Weapon of choices: Short Range: Piano wire and sleek dagger - Long Range: Throwing knives - He does have an assortment of other weapons, but only uses them when necessary. 

Bullet; Black Personal Background

Likes: Music, literature, fine arts, quiet solitude
Dislikes: Social situations, crowds, tension
Personality: He's an introvert, and prefers to keep to himself. One of the types of people who you wouldn't notice is in the room with you. Generally, when confronted, he's polite and tries to be nice; but if you push him too hard when he gets very mad [which is, rare] he gets mad. He's very obedient towards higher-ups and is comfortable with taking orders. He enjoys gaining new knowledge so is often eager to go to class/read books. 
Short History: [I'm going to make this very very brief because I don't want to spoil anything from the story, I'll change it this when it actually comes out] He was a practically normal kid; senior in high school, plays the violin very well, high grades; but one day it all changed for him when an odd being took an interest in him. 

Bullet; Black Abilities

Skills and strengths: Violin, stealth, precision, persuasion/interregation [with victims/targets]
Weaknesses: Close-range combat, awkward in social interations

This is actually quite vauge eh, whatever there'll be more info on him later. If you're in the group maybe we'll rp sometime, I still have to get another application out for someone else so I'll have two characters in the group. Tell me if you're interested, but just a warning, I'm still awkward at rp. 

© GingaAkam


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This explains me perfectly:
"when somebody whos generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because theyre fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their shit because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologise instead of saying they have a short temper or theyre too dramatic"

CREEPY PASTA OC: kagekao journal doll by corgi-moon-piesCREEP PASTA OC: kagekao milkshake by corgi-moon-piesRake Kitten Will Murder You by GingaAkam


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Daft puuuuunk

"We're lucky to hang out on the planet, They could just....get back on the spaceship that brought 'em here and go. And leave us. But they're gracious, They're nice robots. They chose to stay." - Pharrell Williams

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I have a litttle problem right now concerning stories, so like two weeks ago I came up with this story I wanted to write [and still do] but then I wrote Vacant House and then shortly after that my mind came up with a prequel and  a sequel so there're two more to add to the to-write list and then I wrote that one about -oops accidentally almost said his name lol- the odd figure with the crows and I want to write his story, and then my mind jumped again and now he has a very long backstory, so there's like five more potential stories, and then today I had a dream which inspired a short horror so there's +1 and then while thinking about this character I'm working on today -new guy- I thought of another story.

So then I added them to this biig list of stories I have and, 31. I have 31 stories I need to write. Not including individual chapters, or stories I haven't remembered yet. I also listed all of my characters, I have 44 characters, including monsters and animals. Myah. 

Soo many things to read and write wow -Myth and the other person who sent me stories [sorry don't remember your username myaaah] I will get to reading your stories soon I swear-

I think I'm gonna write the one about the character I worked on today, it's fresh in my mind atm so there's more motivation for it. Plus Zehnder's in it, and Zehnder's cool.

And in my dream I was Soundwave, that was cool. Shockwave saved me from a weird planet, carried me off like a princess, that was cool, he's a sweetie. 
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